We want your experience to be absolutely delightful.  Most of your questions have answers on our FAQ page.  Some things we want to emphasize for your event enjoyment and safety:

  • No refunds are allowed for any reason.  We understand circumstances change and the weather gods many times don’t care about our plans :-),  so we hope you understand  lot of planning goes into race setup and execution.  Much of is based on the expected participant levels.
  • Any behavior that disrupts the event will result in your dismissal from the event.  This includes aggressive racing, unwelcome physical contact with other participants, or any lewd behavior.  If you are having a problem with another participant, please contact race personnel.
  • The course closes at 10:30AM.  Any participants on the course after that time will be asked to move off of the course.    This allows for plenty of time for walkers to complete the 4-mile course.
  • We love our pets!  Dogs and strollers are permitted.  All dogs and strollers MUST start at the back of the starting pack with no exceptions.
  • Dog owners are responsible for their pets, including cleanup, and are responsible for bringing their own cleanup gear.  Any dog owner not found complying will be disqualified from the event, or asked to leave.
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